Elderberry flowers / 2015

DSC_6537 (2)

  – Sweet – 0.75L – Color saturated yellow-green, flavor of gooseberry, vineyard peach and black currants, filled up with flowering elderberry and herbal tea, coming to nettle, taste flowery

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Plums – Chocolate / 2013


  – Semidry – 0.75L – This wine is surprisingly intended to the lovers of dry wines. Decent. Color lighter, morello brick red, in aroma dominating chocolate notes filled up

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Summer Pears / 2015

DSC_5607 (2)

  – Sweet – 0.75L – Light summer wine. Color light salmon pink, aroma fruity, pear-mango, developing to compote, taste full, smooth, fruity with sweet ending of pears, wine decent,

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Apricot / 2015

ovoc-30 (2)

  – Semisweet, sensorically semidry – 0.75L – Color saturated golden yellow. Bouquet fruity after apricot, with touch of apricot core and honey ending. Taste full, spicy fruitfully apricot, with

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Apple, “Fallen ones” / 2014

ov-55 (2)

Apple, “Fallen ones” / 2014 – Sweet – 0.75L – Light, summer wine. Picked in November 2014. Fresh aromatic, with a breath of tramin-spicy character. Variety of the fruit picked

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Peach / 2015

ov-46 (2)

  – Sweet – 0.5L – Light, summer wine. Color of light yellow pear flesh. Aroma of overriped vineyard peach, – gooseberry – quince tones, with aftertaste of compote fruit.

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Apricot, “Summer Day” / 2015


  – Semisweet – 0.5L – Color golden – honey yellow. Aroma firmly fruitful after apricot, developing into an overriped quince, with an almond core aftertaste and fruit sugar. Hot

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