Our fruit is grown by ourselves, it is tasty, and eye pleasing. Fruit is kept on the trees till it is mellow so that it has the most of flavours. We start with the picking in October till the first snow, when chalice domple breaks.

Fruit can be forst tasted and than you start with the collect.

For sale there are variety of winted apples and pears.

Sale of apples and pears for winter storage starts 1.10.2016. Before you come, check if we are available. 1St class/kg….1 EUR with VAT.


Varietes of our apples for winter storage:
– Rubinola: Red fruits, fruit medium size to big, juicy, flesh yellow, spicy, sweet-sour
– Rubín: yellow-red fruits, round big, sweet
– Pinova: yellow-orange to red fruit, medium size, round, yellow firm flesh, sweet.
– Jonagored: green-red to dark red fruits, big, flesh firm yellow, sweet-sour
– Golden Delicious: green-yellow fruits, medium size, flesh firm, sweet fragrant.
– Idared: medium size to big fruits, juicy white flesh, spicy, sweet-sour
– Topaz: medium size to big oblate fruits, juicy yellowy fleshs, spicy, sour


Varietes of our pears for winter storage:

– Erika: Big asymetrical fruits, flesh yellow-white, strongly juicy, sweet, on skin a little bit of rust, for consumption matured on december, lasting till end of March

– Vonka: medium size fruits, face is abrasive and mat, flesh creamy, softly grainy, medium juicy, for consumption matured in December, lasting till January