Fruit wine from Cherries “Maria Theresa” barrique medium +, 2016


Barrique medium +

Sweet, 2016

190 l, Bottling according to the requirements of the customer, recommended 0,375 l

Color is rich ruby red with morello edge, aroma from full stone fruits to sherry liqueur, taste of morello in chocolate with touch of vanilla and tobacco.

In memorandum of Maria Theresa it was ordered to plant the trees by the roads to castle, so called castle roads. There the long-lived trees were planted, for a long time to be clear, which road is important.
Along the roads of the lower categories, it was allowed to farmers to plant the fruit trees, so that they benefit from it and can collect the fruits as well as the soldiers crossing the country.
And so the empress Maria Theressa whose summer castle in Holíč, 8 km from our vineyard, significantly contributed to expansion of fruiterrery, planting of fruit trees and creation of our beautiful land to which the fruit trees always belonged.

Produced from big cherries and from a 70 year old cherry, which variety we didn’t manage to learn till now. It can be varieta Juliana L. Or it could be a variety of wild Bird Cherry, from Skalica region.

alc. – 14,60 %
acid – 9,68 g/ l
sugar – 89,16 g/ l

contains sulfite, E 202