Beyond Skalica, at the top of the hill in between wineyards, in our agriculture homestead, we offer you a possibility of acommodation.

It is waiting for you in a wineyard house with separate entrance, daily part with fireplace, kitchen, bathroom with WC and night part – mesonet 32m2. Part of the building includes outer sitting in an oak arbor 25m2 with a big fireplace and two ovens. .

Beautifull panorama, undisturbed peace and privacy, smell of wood, parking in the object and good availability to Skalica. Acommodation is possible to realised separately, or as a part of the tasting and corporate events. For interested we offer a possibility of agrotourism – actively participate on the works in the farm, by the fruit picking, processing and other.

We are the holders of certificate Regional product Záhorie for acomodation services.


dedova 60 002

Acommodation price list:

1 person/night         2 person/ night       3 person/night         4 person/ night         extra bed/ max. 5

40 €                         60 €                         79 €                          94 €                             15 €

Acommodation for more than 3 nights:                                             – 10 %

Late check out:   od 11.00 do 16.00 h:       15 €

Visit of acommodated guests                   1 € / person / h

Dog/cat*:                                                               5 € / night

*acommodation possible only after an approval of the responsible person

Local tax:                                                      0,5 € / person / night

Check in: 14.00 h.                 Checkout till 11.00 h.

Parking for acommodated guests free and monitored by camera system.

Book renting                                                       free of charge

Big room renting + altan – capacity to 25 people.               20 € /h including energies and wood

Small room / pressing + wine cellar – available only during the tasting


We wish you a pleasant stay!